What To Wear Golfing For The First Time

Some golf clubs are very strict when it comes to golf wear while some have an extremely laissez-faire attitude. Most local small-town courses do not care about the dressing code, but golfing clubs in big cities do. Imagine being in some good golfing mood but they can’t let you play since you have the wrong outfit on!

Embarrassing, right? Here is a little guide for you to use when dressing up to avoid being turned away from your golfing course.

Collared Shirt

Both long sleeved and short sleeved shirts are allowed in a golfing session, but the collar is a must. It’s also essential to purchase a shirt of the right material. Cotton is best for cooler areas while synthetic material is best for humid regions.


Sports jerseys and T-shirts are not ideal for golf sessions. Shirts with banner advertisements or foul language in large letters either across the back or in front should also be avoided.

Slacks or Shorts

Depending on a person’s preference, one can choose between slacks and shorts. The shorts/slacks should, however, have belt loops on them. Soccer shorts and drawstrings are not allowed.

You can even have your shorts tailored to suit the weather conditions of the golfing area. These pants come in different colors. However, beige, cream, grey, tan and khaki are the most preferred. White pants are identified with the showy low handicappers and should be avoided. Three-quarter lengthen shorts should not be worn too. You can read more in this article so that you understand this topic better.

Golf Shoes

There are three types of golf shoes.

1. Soft spikes- These golf shoes made from rubber and plastic. They are the most preferred by most golfers since they are comfy and they do not tear up greens.
2. Spikeless – The sole of these golf shoe is made of small rubber studs, and they are fundamentally important for people who experience stud pressure when using spiked shoes.

Woman playing golf
3. Steel spikes – Steel spiked shoes are customarily used for golf pros. Most golf clubs do not allow amateurs to play in them and therefore all newbies should avoid them.

Spikeless golfing shoes are ideal for first-timers since they are comfortable to walk in though they look incredibly casual. Trainers, flip flops and sandals should be avoided at all cost.

Golfing Socks and Belt

When shopping for your golf socks, go for the ones which go up to your ankles. For your belt, go for the Less formal ones and make sure they match with your shorts or slacks.

Cap or Hat

There is not an essential part of the golfing attire, but they make you look sassy and classy. Caps are also crucial since they protect you from sunburns. Wide brim hats are the best for newbies since they keep your cheeks off the sun.

There is a first time for everything, and there is nothing to worry about. Since it’s your first time golfing, have fun and don’t focus too much on what the people think about you. Make new friends, and with time you’ll join the “club,“ and you’ll realize that you are just one of the boys/girls.