What Is A Rustic Themed Wedding

Rustic themed weddings are one of the fastest-growing trends, and it’s easy to see why. They are simple and inexpensive as compared to a traditional formal wedding. These weddings are also beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. But, what is a rustic themed wedding?

These are casual weddings, and they’re often in places such as farms, barns, ranches or mountain lodges. Anywhere in the outdoors or the countryside offers an excellent venue for a rustic wedding.

Let’s look at some ways to pull off a rustic wedding to help you understand better.

The Venue

If you’re going for an authentic rustic wedding, then a suitable venue is a must. Don’t go for a venue styled to look rustic; places such as the garden, loft, and barns show outdoors and nature with more authenticity. Other places you may want to choose are mountains, lakesides, farmhouses, and breweries or wineries.

wedding centerpieces with mason jars and burlap

For the seating arrangements, something as simple as bales of hay can work. Or if you’re looking for something easy, you can spread checkered sheets on the ground picnic style. You can Visit Website to learn more.

The Dressing

Since rusting weddings are best-enjoyed when people are comfortable, casual dressing is another feature. The bridal party can wear anything from cowboy boots to flipflops under their dresses.

They may even not wear anything on their feet at all. Especially during summer, walking barefoot on the grass can evoke a wonderful feeling.

The Wedding Decor

When it comes to rustic wedding decor, the best thing is that you have a wide range of decor items to choose. Since this wedding is all about nature and outdoors, natural items such as wood, burlap, moss, and wildflowers make an excellent choice. You can also include shabby-chic and country elements like checkered fabrics and mason jars. You have lots of things to choose from, but make sure your choice depicts an authentic rustic themed wedding.

The Food


Your chosen food should also match the theme. For instance, you can go for a naked wedding cake. It’s more naturally-looking as compared to the traditional heavily-iced caked. For the actual food, both family-style and buffet-style are cozy and casual. Foods you can include are roasted chicken, pasta salads, mac and cheese, cupcakes, old-fashioned style candies, strawberry wine, lemonade, and many others.

If you’ve been wondering what rustic themed weddings are, then I hope you now have an idea. These weddings are a fun way to celebrate, and you’ll give your guests an occasion to remember.