Is It Okay to Run Every Day of the Week?

Running is an exercise that is usually recommended by most doctors, This is because it is an easy way for you to keep your body in shape and make blood circulation efficient. People from whatever age or sex should run if their health allows it. Some people have health conditions or disabilities such as arthritis that make running hard. In such cases, alternative exercises such as swimming are sort.

Women's running

The weekly duration of running is, however, a puzzle that has not yet been fully answered. This is because running is an exercise that is undertaken by different people with different goals. There are those that run to lose weight, to practice for marathons(elite runners)and to build endurance mostly in the Army. This means that when you decide to start running every day of the week, you must have considered several factors;

Reason for running.

1.Loss weight.

Some people take running as a means to burn calories in the body. Running makes the body heat up and sweat making you burn calories in the body. Running is, in fact, a very recommended way to lose weight as you involve the body muscles and muscle/bone joints.

If you are running to lose weight, running every day of the week is good, but in this case, you must reduce the daily hours of running. To lose weight, a daily run of at least 45 minutes to 1 hour is enough.

However, many weight loss experts advise people willing to lose weight to do the fast running of about 30 minutes daily by covering a distance of 30-40 miles daily. This means that you divide the distance into portions that will take you an average of 30-40 miles. You should bear in mind that, the more the weight, the more the calories are burnt in the body. People with average weight will burn fewer calories as compared to obese people.

2.Elite runners.

Elite runners also have their schedule of running. They should train on their specific type of race at least twice a week and do routine running to build endurance and strength at least eight times every week. For marathon runners, it might be a bit different because it is not realistic to run 26 miles twice a week.


They may consider running once a month but do intensive running every day of the week. However, for elite runners to perform well, they need to spare time for cross training to keep their body/muscles fit for the real deal.

Body health.

Your body health status can also determine if running every day in a week is good or not. People with respiratory issues can be adviced by their doctors on the frequency of running or alternative exercises.Some people with breathing issues can do small runs, which means running 3 times a week is good. Running daily may harm/worsen their condition.


Your injury rate is also a key factor to consider when choosing to run every day.People who prone to injuries should do simple runs on favorable grounds at least 3-4 days in a week. This is to avoid injuries or to give your body time to heal to avoid injuries due to continued inflammation on specific body parts or muscles.

Running every day is, therefore, either good or bad depending on the above factors. In some instances it is good, and in some other cases, it is harmful or rather not recommendable.