Is It Ok To Run Without Socks

Running without socks is a hot topic for debate amongst athletes. There are some who claim that running without socks makes them run faster and gives them control when they are on the field. Are you considering doing this in your next run but still wondering is it OK to run without socks? Here is a guide to help you out.

The Disadvantages of Running without Socks

Irrespective of why you might want to run without socks, here are some disadvantages associated with it that you should consider.

1. It Makes Your Feet Stink


If you do not wear socks, moisture will definitely build-up, and this leads to smelly feet. One of the reasons why people wear socks is to capture the sweat in your feet. After going for a run without socks, chances are you won’t love the smell when you take them off.

2. Gives You Blisters

Depending on the design of your sneakers, wearing them without socks can give you blisters. This is very common with new sneakers that haven’t conformed to the shape of your feet. Socks reduce the friction between your feet and the shoe sole.

3. Your Shoes Can Get Mold

Moisture is one of the catalysts needed for mold growth. If you run without socks, moisture will build up inside and eventually mold can grow inside them.

4. Wears Out Your Shoes Faster

Women running

Due to the excess friction, your shoes will wear out faster.

Tips to Help You Run without Socks and Not Incur The Disadvantages

Although it is not advised, there are some tips that can help you run without socks and not incur the disadvantages. Please be informed that by wearing the best socks in the market, you can run faster and gain stability on the track.

Duct tape your toes to prevent blisters

Apply petroleum jelly on contact points

Apply talcum powder which absorbs moisture

Running without socks may lead to blisters, and your feet might bleed. Even if doing so makes you run faster and lighter, the disadvantages are quite frustrating. With a pair of quality socks, you can enjoy your runs every day.