How to Prevent Employee Liquor Theft at a Bar

Investing in a bar is one of the most lucrative businesses today. You may get a lot of profits when the turn out is great at your bar which is influenced by the customer service at your bar. However, the bar business can frustrate you due to liquor theft by your employee(s).

Liquor theft is common in bars that have ignorant owners. To have a proper running bar business, you must have strict measures to ensure that your employees do not steal liquor from the stock.

How to prevent employee liquor theft at a bar.

Below, we discuss some of the measures to put in place to prevent employees from stealing liquor;

Running background checks on employees.

In most businesses, most employers are interested in the experience of the job candidate.No bar owner will risk an investment with an amateur bartender. However, you must be very cautious when hiring experienced bartenders. You must run thorough background checks to understand the history of the job candidate.


Try and understand how they have served customers in the past, relationship with past employers, their discipline, etc. This will help you avoid hiring an experienced liquor thief at your bar, who might cause the whole venture to fall.

Install surveillance cameras.

The surveillance camera system is an innovation that you should consider for your bar. It helps you see what happens at the bar every second. When employees know that they are being watched, you can be sure that their behavior will be at their best.

They will not steal any liquor knowing that the CCTV cameras are recording every moment at the bar.

bar software.

Another way to prevent liquor theft by employees is by purchasing software that helps you control and account all bar transactions. Software such as the Liquor Inventory Management Software is one that can help you avoid theft and make maximum profits from your bar.

Bartender preparing a cocktail. Glass on the bar

The bartender has to record any transactions on the software, and you can remotely compare record to calculate profits and detect losses.This software is today common, meaning that with proper research, you will get just the right software for your bar.

Be very keen and paranoid.

A bar requires your full attention. You must be very keen on the functioning of the bar. Be very smart and regularly check the liquor manually; do not always trust inventory software. Check loose corks on unused liquor or smell used liquor. Some bartenders are so smart-they add water to liquor bottles and sell or consume the liquor.

They, however, leave the alcohol on display to match your records. Such behavior can cause losses at your bar. You must conduct thorough checks to tame such behavior.

With the above measures applied, you can be assured that your bartender will not steal liquor from the bar even when tempted to do so. You should also come up with strict policies that every employee must abide by. If an employee shows signs of stealing, never hesitate to replace them. They might turn out to be your failure.